Silos from 6 - 11,370 tonne capacity at 0.8 density.

Standard features

  • Galvanised corrugated steel sheets (450 g/m ).

  • Shallow corrugation - pitch 104 x 12mm.

  • Sheet thickness 0.75 to 3.0mm.

  • Pressed vertical posts.

  • Posts located externally.

  • Roof segments pressed in one piece.

  • Galvanised gantry, integrated with silo or free standing.

  • Silo access doors.

Optional extras

  • Access Ladders.

  • Aeration equipment.

  • Unloading and sweep augers.

  • Temperature monitoring equipment.

Design Note

Calculation of internal pressures is carried out in accordance with DIN 1055 and BS 5061 as appropriate. Steelwork is designed in accordance with BS 449, plastic theory being avoided for all primary structures.

At a high anticipated number of loading cycles, fatigue is taken into account, in particular the performance of joints under cyclic loading is given special attention. External loading is calculated to CP3 Chapter V, Part 2, reference being made to other codes as necessary for wind drag coefficients.

Corrugated Silos with Flat Bottoms Capacity Table.

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